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Family Room Addition

Price Range: $50,000 to $90,000 Average Project Price: $70,000

1. Mechanicals. Family rooms avoid much of the expensive mechanical work that accounts for a large portion of kitchen and bath remodeling budgets. But if you plan to include a wet bar, be sure to enlarge your budget.

2. Fireplace: You'll need to choose between a wood-burning or gas model. Within each of these categories, you'll decide whether you want a fireplace that helps heat a room or is merely decorative. Fireplaces designed to heat a room cost two to three times more than basic wood-burners. For about 50 percent more than a decorative gas fireplace, you can get a heating gas fireplace.

3. Floor coverings: Carpet is generally the least expensive option, followed by laminate, then hardwood. Be sure to investigate the installation expense of the specific material you choose, however, because special requirements can significantly increase the total cost.

4. Molding: Choosing urethane molding instead of oak for baseboard, chair rail, and crown molding offers more durability and easier installation -- but at a steep price. Expect to pay about $3 per linear foot for basic urethane molding, often three times the price of basic oak.

5. Windows: Choosing casement windows over tilts can add 8 to 10 percent to your costs, and opting for simulated divided light in an insulated glass window can increase your bill by 78 percent. A casement eyebrow window (one with a rounded top) can cost 225 percent more than a standard casement.

6. Furniture: Kitchen and bath project budgets reflect the cost of most of the room's furnishings in the form of cabinets. Family room remodeling budgets don't reflect furniture and other furnishings. Adding built-ins to your remodeling project raises the initial cost, but you'll spend less on furniture.

7. Square footage: Average cost per square foot declines as the room gets larger, so adding extra space to your project may be more cost-effective than you think.